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What is the 6 Month Method and how can it help me?

The 6 Month Method is a tailored program designed to create sustainable health changes over a six-month period. This method allows for the development of lasting habits and visible results, providing a structured approach to wellness that addresses both nutrition and mental health under Maddison’s guidance.

How does integrative health and wellness coaching differ from traditional health coaching?

Integrative health and wellness coaching takes a holistic approach, considering both physical and mental aspects of health. Maddison focuses on helping clients make informed, sustainable health choices and seamlessly integrate wellness into their daily lives, especially accommodating the unique challenges faced by women in high-stress careers.

Can I book a consultation if I have specific health conditions like autoimmune disorders?

Yes, Maddison offers a free personalized nutrition consultation that can be tailored to individuals with specific health conditions, including autoimmune disorders. She provides information, techniques, and plans to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health.

What kind of support can I expect during my coaching sessions?

During the coaching sessions, clients can expect personalized plans and ongoing accountability to help reach and exceed their wellness objectives. Maddison offers support in navigating the unique stresses of high-stress jobs and provides strategies to maintain wellness in both personal and professional spheres.

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